Audiovisual production has been a passion of mine for many years. Ever since a small boy I loved making videos and was fascinated by the waves and curves of sound.
I've done a lot of projects over the year but here are some highlights
You can find more information about my beer-project Hoppestraat on this page of my portfolio or on but since the beginning of 2022 I launched my YouTube channel about craft-beer!

Currently I want to cover most of the local breweries and have specific pieces about an event or beer-style but who knows where this will take me ?!
When my good friend and visual artist Frank Merkx approached me to produce a podcast about science and art I wasn't sure how to begin. My knowledge of science and art are... basic. Also recording in a huge space with huge windows during Covid-19's social distancing regulations proved to be challenging.
But the result is a very informative and fun interview-based podcast about the friction in research of both artists and scientists.
The podcast ties in to the same titled exhibition curated by Frank in Kunstenhuis Harelbeke in Autumn 2020.
I've been playing bass for the Ghent based band Summit for a while now and been enhancing our live shows with live animated visuals. Also designed our album covers, merchandise, etc.

To promote our live EP "Live at Dunk!Festival" I edited these live versions of our songs Icarus and Jericho. You can find more of the animated videos and illustrative designs I made for Summit on my 'Illustration & Animation' page.

Summit performing Icarus & Jericho live at Dunk!Festival 2019 - Zottegem Belgium
Footage made by Dunk! - Edited by Jasper Pollet
Mixed by Jelle Van Meerbergen (

Amberes was my masters project in experimental film, released in 2012 with Lize Pede, Frank Merkx and Robbert Goyvaerts.
Back then GO-PRO cameras were still novel and unseen. I like to think Amberes was the first fictional feature movie using these kinds of cameras, I might be wrong... but it certainly was one of the first.
Originally pitched to my mentors as an adaptation of Roberto Bolaño's novel Amberes but it eventually turned out that the only thing that stuck of that original idea and the novel was, well, the title. The movie became my own weird story and looking back on it I can say it certainly illustrated some of my personal demons from that time.
Synopsis: Two best friends, unemployed and with time to kill. They meet up in Antwerp where they decide to each walk an opposite direction and follow the Belgian border until they should meet up. The walk between Antwerp and Vresse-Sur-Semois has actually taken place, the events are rarely put in scene. The journey is a symbolic translation of the relationship between the two main characters where each step takes them further away from each other, unresolved issues are haunting the path and in the end only the spirit of each personality remains.
It got nominated for best short at Film Festival Oostende in 2012.

Watch the entire short film here

Amberes - Trailer #1

Amberes - Trailer #2

Amberes - DVD Extra: Behind-the-scenes

Amberes - DVD Extra: Audio Commentary (in Dutch)

"Anatomische Studie Van Het Hart" translates to "Anatomical Study of the Heart" and is based on a performance and theater piece by Sandrine Verstraete that also plays the main and only role in this shortfilm.
Originally released in 2009 and my final Bachelor project in experimental film.
She is lonely but this was not always the case.
She floats between hope, frustration and sadness.
Isolation results in neurotic studies and experiments.
It's all she has left.
Hoping to get back that once was.

Watch the entire short film here

Overview of some video projects I've done in the past

Promo video for the album "Points of You" by the Belgian rockband The Agreement

3D version of the cartoonseries "Bouli"

Did camera and lights for the shots in this teaser of Zombie movie Zyklon Zombie by Thomas Van Troostenberghe and Davy Bonny.

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